Sydney Wollongong 15,000ft Tandem Skydive (With Transfer)

Duration: 3 Hours
Starts / Ends: North Wollongong NSW 2500
Price Per: From $399
Suited To: Young adults, Adults,
Accommodation: n/a

You may have had your senses tickled in Sydney, but nothing can prepare you for the physical joyride of this skydive. Ride the salty breeze from up to 15,000 feet above sea level carving towards the pristine New South Wales coastline.


The only beach skydive on offer in the Greater Sydney vicinity, there’s no topping the trip from the sky onto Wollongong’s North Beach. Get your head in the clouds. Let the butterflies flutter. This skydive will start a fire inside you that can never be put out!

When you start to tumble out of the sky, you know immediately the feeling is unbeatable. Irresistible. Something you will need to taste again and again. With Wollongong waiting to catch you below, the experience is even better. With arms wide open you’ll freefall for around 60-seconds towards the idyllic New South Wales coastline, with 5-7 minutes of zen parachute descent to drink in this part of the world from above. Drunk on adrenalin. High on your own existence. It’s our absolute pleasure to invite you aboard the flight of your life!

Using special wrist-mounted, high-resolution cameras, our instructors capture your entire skydive experience. So you can show everyone the magic of the moment – and the sheer lunacy of your freefall face. Add your video package to your booking during checkout, or purchase at the drop zone on the day of your skydive!

Smack bang in the middle of Stuart Park, 100 metres from the sand. Our Skydive Sydney-Wollongong headquarters is perfectly positioned for both convenience and scenery. No matter where you’re joining us from, you’ll find this drop zone without much of a fuss and enjoy the multitude of things to do in our beautiful, bustling neighbourhood.

In summer, however, it can get pretty crazy close to the beach, and parking can get very busy! We recommend catching the train to North Wollongong station, where you can get your steps up with a breezy 15-minute walk, or grab a 5-minute Uber to take you directly to the drop zone.

Got spectators or other mates jumping with you? You should try and carpool where possible! Parking can be difficult in this area, especially during summer & on weekends, so we recommend allowing extra travel time to ensure you’re not late for check-in.

  • Tandem beach skydive from up to 15,000ft over Wollongong
  • Up to 60 seconds of freefall
  • 3 month membership of the Australian Parachute Federation Personalised certificate of achievement
  • $20 merchandise voucher to use at the drop zone


  • Up to 60 seconds of freefall
  • 3 month membership of the Australian Parachute Federation
  • Personalised certificate of achievement
  • Video & Photos are NOT included
  • Please note that surcharges may apply if 94kg or over. Please read our Terms & Conditions before booking
  • Includes compulsory Personal Accident Insurance from the Australian Parachute Federation