Sydney Whale Watching Afternoon

Duration: 2 Hours 30 Mins
Starts / Ends: Sydney
Price Per: $92.00
Suited To: All ages
Accommodation: n/a

SYDNEY HARBOUR: Cruise with Humpback & Southern Right Whales from Sydney. Open water cruise through the entrance of Sydney Harbour with commentary, two decks, open-air viewing, all-weather lounge and whale guarantee.


Whale watching at its very best. Cruise aboard with expert commentary and a whale guarantee - see a whale or cruise again for free.

Sydney’s coastline is a playground for Humpbacks between May and October. Their antics include breaches, tail slapping, and even a close-up wink when they are feeling extra curious. You may also see Southern Rights, Orcas, Minke whales, playful dolphins, seals, fairy penguins, albatross, and more.

Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to see the gentle giants of the sea on their annual migration.

Catamaran with comfortable indoor and outdoor seating over multiple viewing decks. Over 95% whale sighting success. The Whale Guarantee applies when a whale is not sighted during the cruise. In this case, passengers can cruise again in the same season for free on a standby basis confirmed 24 hours prior, subject to availability.